Goodbye Park Avenue Hotel

Detroit is razing the Park Avenue Hotel located downtown to make room for the new Red Wings stadium. I shot this photo in 2014 after a Tigers game. More about the hotel here.

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When I Was Ten I Shot These Tornado Photos

spent many summers growing up visiting family in Arvada, Colorado. Not sure if it was supposed to be a vacation for me or for my mom at the time, but I enjoyed it either way. Plus getting out of Detroit's sweltering,...

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Ballard Bowl Skate Park – Seattle

Took some quick test shots at Ballard Bowl with a vintage fisheye today I picked up at CameraTechs. The lens is a Russian Zenitar 16mm Fisheye. Unfortunately I don't have a full-frame camera so the exaggerated edges are missing on my cropped T3. [gallery link="none"...

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Heidelberg Project Image Gallery & Photosynth

I wish I had more time to take more of these while I was down at Heidelberg. I'll have to do a full tour photo shoot sometime of the grounds. The great thing is you can zoom-in while playing the synth or scroll left or right. Go fullscreen for better visuals. [button...

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