A hundred or so people and photographers (not the same) stood in Kerry Park waiting for the lunar eclipse yesterday figuring it would be a great spot for a city shot along with the moon. We waited and waited and saw nothing…. so we left. I figured it would be more directly east and was correct. We drove a block away where there was a clear shot east and we immediately saw the moon that was blocked by a building at the top of Kerry Park. I’m a little embarrassed that I waited that long up there and I’m sure a few other photographers were as well. Should have checked coordinates a little better and I should have trusted my gut and got a shot from the Ballard Bridge. Oh well, guess I’ll have to wait until 2033 for the next one. At least I was able to get this great panoramic shot of downtown Seattle.


Once we got back to Ballard I was able to get a better shot right from the street in front our place.